Therapeutic Counsellor, yoga teacher and mindfulness educator

Enhancing human connection, inside out.

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What would it be like to take a moment and be heard?


     Jennifer Aberman, RTC,  is a therapeutic counsellor, yoga teacher & mindfulness educator working from a trauma-informed perspective, with many years of experience with mindfulness-based stress management skills, compassionate communication and holding space as people  develop their capacity to become more resilient and authentic in their daily lives.

   Within a counselling session, you will enter into a conversation from a supportive and non-judgemental place, where you are free to explore your experiences, thoughts, concerns, hopes and emotions. A conversation can grow where you can gently explore the barriers and blockages that prevent you from connecting to your needs and having your needs met.

   Working from a holistic perspective, you will be free to explore your inner world and interpersonal dynamics from a variety of perspectives and creative therapeutic styles. Private yoga lessons to cater to your needs are also available from a therapeutic mind-body perspective, to help you connect with you!

   Jennifer works with individuals with concerns and issues such as:

Alternative lifestyle choices


Communication Skills

Coping Skills

Creative Blockages

Existential Issues

Life Transitions 

Pet Loss & Grief


Self Doubt

Self Esteem

Trauma & Distress

There are moments when you might find yourself wanting some space to be heard, to be understood and to be seen. If you are searching for a space to be gently supported as you process your thoughts, your struggles, your concerns, hopes and dreams contact Jennifer to book your free 15-minute consultation and begin to learn new life skills and embrace your life, one moment at a time. 

Counselling & mental health resource in Vancouver, BC

What would it be like for you to be free to be yourself in this moment?