Intuitive Wellness & Holistic Health Counselling

 A mind-body approach to counselling


     Taking a holistic approach to counselling, Jennifer works with people to help them build a stronger foundation with their emotional, physical and psychological selves. Helping people reconnect to their intuitions and sense of curiosity.

     Jennifer is fascinated by the inner workings of our minds, neuroplasticity, and cognitive distortions. For the last several years she has been studying  compassionate communication & mindfulness, and has been focusing on the language we use with others and ourselves as a tool and a skill for harmony and well-being.


    Jennifer enhances and moves her counselling practice forward by asking some key questions such as what gets in the way of people achieving their goals and desires? What gets in the way of people creating healthy connections with others? What gets in the way of people connecting with themselves? Her passion for introspection, healing and evolving motivate her every day to help people answer these difficult questions and continue down a path of healing, growth and authentic connection with others.

    Jennifer genuinely believes that we could all benefit from focusing on our own needs, our own attempts to meet those needs, and to learn the skills of how to effectively communicate our needs to others and our communities as a whole.


“Jennifer is a deeply empathic human being. She has wonderful presence, genuineness, and regard for others.  Jennifer is able to well understand the complexities of life, relationships, and personhood. She has a beautiful way of accompanying others in their sufferings and in their growth and healing. I am glad to be able to refer people to her counselling practice.”

  ~Käri-Ann Thor (M.Ed., Registered Clinical Counsellor)







     As a yoga teacher, Jennifer teaches private 1-on-1 sessions to cater to your needs. Through the physicality of mindfulness-based yoga, a private session can focus on strengthening your capacity to be resilient in life, and your own emotional understanding. Private yoga sessions usually last 60 minutes, longer sessions are available to be able to spend more time focusing on your needs.



     “Jennifer takes an approach to yoga that is playful and fun, but also deeply compassionate. Practicing with her is like playing with your best friend as a child. When you practice with Jennifer, you will especially see the ideas of ahimsa (nonviolence) and svadhyaya (self-study/inner exploration) being expressed.”    




Mindfulness Workshops and private meditation classes




       Jennifer also teaches mindfulness and stress management workshops with the BC Crisis Center. 

      Through dialogue, personal experience & creativity, Jennifer is able to provide authentic and informative workshops for all. You are welcome to contact her for more information on holding a workshop on mindfulness and stress management for your workplace or group setting.

     If you would like to learn more about mindfulness and meditation, private, personalized sessions are also available for those who benefit from learning in a 1-on-1 setting.



     “I really appreciated having the time to relate to my fellow peers about things we rarely get a chance to talk about, and learn new ways to manage stress and anxiety.”    






  • In-person counselling sessions: 
    • 50 minutes/85$
  • Online counselling sessions:
    • 50 minutes/75$
    • 60 minutes/90$

      *Payments can be made by cash or e-transfer (on the same day of the appointment)


  • 1-on-1 yoga or mindfulness meditation sessions:
    • 60 minutes/60$ (The sessions can be at your home or office space. With such cases, traveling costs will be added)
    • 90 minutes/80$ (The sessions can be at your home or office space. With such cases, traveling costs will be added)

See more info on To Be Heard Counselling and insurance coverage on the Psychology Today website.