What would you like to learn next?

       As someone who wants to live forever so she can learn everything possible, I find it hard to chose what to focus on next because I want to focus on learning everything all at once. Carl Jung would call this part of my self the sage. The beauty of this part of my self is that it is full of passion and ‘joie de vivre,’ however, it is really difficult to try to learn many new things at a time. Hence why I rarely finish the three books I read at once, or the numerous blog posts on completely different topics I try to write all in one day.

        Over the last few months I have been fortunate enough to be presented with opportunities that I didn’t want to say no to. Being able to begin working as a therapeutic counsellor, teaching workshops to a variety of age groups, and working with friends in an innovative tech company are all things I get to do, and they are all very different. The learning curve was and is steep and it isn’t easy. What is fascinating me about this time in my life is the daily reminders of this sage-self of mine, the do-er of things who wants to learn it all right now, who wants to keep piling on the new information because it is all too exciting to miss a beat. I also get hourly reminders from my thoughts reminding me to stop, breath, notice whats going on right now, because if I notice whats going on then I get to really enjoy, really soak it in and be with what’s going on. Hello mindfulness!

        Learning to be patient and take things one moment at a time takes practice. Lots of practice. Who would have thought that it also takes practice to do nothing, to just be still and just be with what already is, without adding to it, whatever it may be. I’m learning that I can satisfy this sage-self of mine by learning to do nothing. It sounds simple when I write it down…


postit-scrabble-to-do copie.jpg

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